Current JHU.CCP activities are focused on the following objectives.

  • Provide on-going technical assistance on developing strategic health communication programs
  • Transition the National AIDS Resource Center and activities to the management of relevant Government of Ethiopia agencies
  • Build the capacity of the MOH and HAPCO staff to maintain and manage NARC services and explore possibility transitioning to National Health Resource Center.
  • Develop ongoing support and technical assistance on SBCC primarily for all HIV/AIDS stakeholders but gradually expand to all health systems in Ethiopia.
  • Assist and support the development and production of print, audiovisual and electronic HIV/AIDS, STI and TB materials by all HIV/AIDS stakeholders in Ethiopia and other organizations and individuals interested in these types of materials.
  • Develop high quality, research based, IEC/BCC materials on relevant HIV/AIDS topics such as VCT, Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT), antiretroviral therapy (ART), living positively, and care and support, as well as STI’s and TB.
  • Facilitate the regional adaptation of the produced IEC/BCC materials.
  • Continually monitor and evaluate the produced IEC/BCC materials, including how these topics affect orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).
  • Maintain and upgrade the existing national HIV/AIDS hotline service and ensure focus on Most at Risk Population Groups (MARPs) and ascertain that services are made available to the regions.
  • Develop a comprehensive national referral database for all HIV/AIDS, STI, and TB services.
  • Develop/ adapt all necessary hotline standards and procedures, training, information, monitoring and data capture tools for the hotline and refocussing to MARPs as well as provide continued educational training for the hotline operators on HIV/AIDS, STI, TB and other related disciplines focusing on MARPs.


Specific Expertise


  • JHU CCP has specialized area of technical expertise in the design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation has uniquely positions it to complement, support or enhance the improved achievement of SBCC activities implemented by governmental and USAID supported health and HIV prevention communication projects.